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Here at Offcoders Solutions, the annual contract is not necessary. You can choose our Monthly or Hourly plan as per your budget and the requirements. You have the authority to select from the following models:
Dedicated – 160 Hours/Month
Part Time – 80 Hours/Month
Time and Material Based – Hourly

Offcoders Solutions have the potential to develop passion. We considered every project is unique. In order to fulfill project requirements and add additional features, it is necessary to work with a passionate and extraordinary team. If you outsource your project to an Offshore Development Team that marks high ROI and top-quality results into your software development process.

As per your preference, we’ll send you the progress report every 2 weeks or every month. The progress report consists of plans and targets for the project. We assure that every consumer gets complete access to the project management tool.

The payment plan will be done as per the billing standard which you choose i.e. Weekly, Monthly or Hourly. You can pay via Debit/Credit card, Paytm, PayPal or Wire Transfer.

Offcoders Solutions works as per the Indian Standard Time. We offer flexible services to schedule meetings that are appropriate for our client. In-fact, more than 95% of our consumers are from foreign countries. if Client wants, we can work accordingly to their time.

We work on a variety of technologies for Web & Mobile fields such as Flutter, React native, ReactJS, NodeJS, iOS, Android and many more.

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Offcoders Solutions is a well-established Software development and Consultancy Company to transform your great business ideas with the help of technology. 

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