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We help you build a highly secure and scalable decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that will be compatible with all operating system environments and modern-day smartphones. The entire crypto platform will be built on a modular architecture with full customization and scaling options. The buzz around the decentralized system is not a facade. It does exist in real and here are the reasons mentioned below:

Cheaper Cost

P2P cryptocurrency exchanges are run by the software and the software does not demand the transaction or brokerage fees. The transaction fee is optional in the crypto trade as well as when a user wants its transaction to be validated the miner.

Privacy Sustenance

The central exchange system asks every minute detail about the enroller. Whereas, in the case of P2P the Government can’t apply strict force to KYC process so all the transactions can be conducted anonymously.

Transaction Censorship

As P2P system does not have the central authority to control so there are no chances of tampering. Even if the system is hacked, the individual either has to hack 51% of the nodes to change the ledger of each account or take 51% of his confidence.

Secure Channel

Since P2P cryptocurrency exchange does not store the cryptocurrencies for its users so it is highly secure to trade on. It makes the buyers and sellers meet and that minimizes the counterparty risk.

Transaction censorship resistance

P2P cryptocurrency exchanges are invulnerable to Government interference as they don’t have any central point of authority which could be forced.

Permission less system

With the invention of the P2P cryptocurrency exchange system, one can easily send and receive Bitcoins anywhere in the world in a Peer to Peer manner without any involvement of a third party.

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